Have you ever found yourself in a yoga class being offered a prop by the teacher and you refused? Maybe you thought you were fine without it or maybe it was just your ego!

For many yoga practitioners using a prop can be seen as being weak or not flexible or not good enough when in fact yoga props are an essential part of your practice for beginners at yoga and masters alike. In fact some lineages such as Iyengar Yoga use props as their main way to practice.

Here are three reasons why it’s good to let go of your ego and to grab that  yoga prop!

  1. You may be recovering from an injury or surgery or have a sensitivity

If you have had a recent surgery or injury, restorative gentle yoga can be used as a form of therapy to help your body recover from an injury; to bring your body back into balance and to help you heal. In this was using props can help with this process. Think of yoga bolsters which can help provide support for the back and  to keep the head elevated. For sensitive knees you can roll up a towel or use yoga pads which provide extra padding for the knees and joints. Yoga Pads are especially helpful if you have sore wrists.

  1. You want to increase your flexibility

Increasing flexibility is no easy feat in fact this is one of the main reasons why people decide to practice yoga! Every person’s body is different and because of this what one person may be able to achieve you may not be able to so without the use of a prop and that’s ok. It just means that you work with your body instead of against it. Yoga props such as yoga straps are a great way to help you find depth in an asana where otherwise you may struggle.

  1. To help with balance and stability

A consistent yoga practice can enhance your balance, however for many of us finding balance on and off the mat can be a challenge. For balance on the mat, yoga props such as yoga blocks can help you find stability especially when transitioning from one yoga pose to the next.  Using a chair in your practice if you suffer with vertigo and other similar ailments can provide great support so that you can continue your yoga practice without interruption. We often forget that yoga mats are also a prop and a good yoga mat will reduce slipping and sliding during poses. Yoga mats are a worthy investment and can transform your yoga practice.

Yoga props such as yoga straps and yoga blocks, bolsters, chairs, a sturdy yoga mat, towels and cushions can actually enhance your yoga practice and shouldn’t be seen as a sign of lack of ability. Yoga props have been designed to ensure that everyone can have access to a yoga practice! So grab your yoga prop and deepen your yoga practice today.