6 Reasons Why You Should Try Online Yoga

The world has changed….alot and every industry has been forced to now go online or to make their offerings accessible in unconventional ways. Well yoga is no different but we know yoga in this new space can seem daunting. What about Community? What if I do the pose wrong? What about authenticity? “I’m not a fan of online classes,  just prefer to do it in person”. These are ALL valid concerns , so this may lead you to ask well what’s so great about an online yoga practice? Well , there’s plenty actually :-

1. Come as you are. There is no competition- just you, your mat and your GY teacher!

                “Thank you guys (for the online classes)… uniquely able to include everyone into your  space and make  them feel welcome, like this nerdy, introvert like myself”  – S.M.

We love receiving messages like this because this is the biggest joy of online classes. You can show up on your mat just as you are. No need to change, brush your hair or feel awkward. This practice is solely about you and your mat. Your teacher will guide you and you can be as corny, awkward and uniquely awesome as you are.

2. Practice can literally happen anywhere, at anytime.

With your busy schedule , you can literally take a class that suits your timing. If you’re an early riser or night owl, you can just choose the class you’re in the mood for and roll out your mat. There’s no need to rush to a studio, sit in traffic or make plans around the studio’s schedule. If you only have 15 minutes, that 15 minutes can count!

3. Love the PAUSE & REPLAY

Pressing pause may just be one of the ultimate features of online classes. Need to look at that pose again? Trouble balancing? Want to go a little slower? Then the Pause and Replay buttons on your friends. This goes even deeper than a child’s pose in a studio class. At home, you won’t miss a thing because you can just pause your teacher and take your time. Your class. Your Pace.

4. Tutorials, full classes, short classes, beginner, intermediate, barre, sound  healing, meditation and mindfulness exercises are all on our website!

Choice . Choice . Choice. Online classes get rid of a set schedule and class types over on our platform, you can choose the type of class, the teacher and the length of the class. If you prefer not to focus on poses that day, then you can lay back , close your eyes and meditate. What a win!

5. A Local Online Yoga studio with REAL TEACHERS.

We incorporate our local island flair when we explore the twin islands and bring new sites and beautiful locations to you! During this pandemic we want you to feel like you’re exploring just as we are! Online  yoga is a full experience too and don’t forget it’s with teachers you already know , who mix up left and right & fall over just like you.

6. Online Yoga challenges your Mindset

Online yoga can be just as challenging online as it is offline . but the challenge may look a little different. Instead of just challenging you physically, it may also challenge your ability to adapt to change, your mindset about how yoga should look and how it should be practiced. It will definitely challenge your ability to be disciplined and self motivate. Perhaps if we can switch our perspective and embrace this new challenge we can truly see its benefits

Whatever way you look at it, online yoga has massive benefits especially in the current evolving world we are living in. Rolling out your mat at home can be just as lovely and transformative as you want it to be. What’s the alternative?