Reiki Healing & Therapy

Aleisha is an Advanced Reiki Teacher certified by Libby Barnett M.S. W, the longest practicing Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher on the East Coast.

Reiki (Ray-Key) is an ancient, gentle, hands-on healing art that helps you feel better and heal better. Dr. Usui, a Japanese Christian educator, rediscovered this healing method in his study of ancient Tibetan texts. You can use Reiki to facilitate deep relaxation, relieve pain, and promote healing and personal growth. Reiki stimulates your body’s innate healing resources, encouraging a return to wellness.

Reiki means Universal Life Force – the healing energy of the universe.

How can Reiki help you?

  • Reiki gently releases old emotional patterns.
  • Reiki can help sooth and ease pain
  • Reiki is an effective tool to overcome the pressures of career, relationships, parenting, and finances.
  • Reiki enables you to access your own inner wisdom and creativity, as well as expand your consciousness and spiritual awareness.

Reiki can be practiced hand on or at a distance.

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Chakra Healing



Are you ready to

-get un-stuck?

-move forward?

-change the things that are not working?

-gain clarity & find purpose?



Our Signature 8 week Transformation Programme  follows the  yogic chakra system and will give you

– Practical Tools to get you moving!

-Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness techniques to build emotional stamina

-Unlimited Access to our online yoga platform during the journey 

-Weekly Challenges & Homework to help you push past your limitations

-Mindset Reset Activities

-Affirmations for each chakra

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