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Health Check - The Benefits of Yoga | TTT LIVE ONLINE

Today is World Yoga Day 2022.

In this Health Check segment, TTT’s Karma Ballah interviews the Gentle Yogis and throws the spotlight on this activity as we gain further insight into why practitioners believe it is beneficial.

Managing COVID-19 stress with yoga | Trinidad Express

YOGA instructors, wellness consultants and sisters Aleisha and Ayanna Holder have been helping people throughout the years to manage their stress levels and bring their minds and bodies into alignment.

The Law According to Yoga* | Trinidad Express

GETTING called to the bar after five years of studying and hard work felt like a dream come true for Aleisha Holder.

And part of it was.

But it wasn’t long before reality set in and Holder realised that she had swapped intense classroom sessions for intense courtrooms. As a civil lawyer, Holder found herself…

World Health Day |

It’s World Health Day 2019!

The message this year is that universal healthcare is attainable. The theme for 2019 is: “Universal Health Coverage-Every one, Every where.”


Making wellness a Caribbean experience | BUZZ Caribbean

I founded the Gentle Yogi Studio in 2015 when I realised that there were very few safe spaces for persons to heal, recover and manage their stress. I was in Law School in 2008, when I started having severe abdominal pains and after many visits to my doctor, he advised me that it was all stress-related and he recommended yoga.

#10GetsReal with Aleisha Holder | 10 Caribbean Marketing

“Be gentle to myself and the way that I talk to myself and the way that I treat myself.” #10GetsReal with Aleisha Holder of The Gentle Yogi Studio

Using Vision Boards To Keep Resolutions On Track | TTT

Bring your New Year’s resolutions to life with the use of a vision board. Interview done by the TTT news station.

De-stressing in the time of COVID | Trinidad Guardian


We were happy to be interviewed by Joel Julien of the T&T Guardian Newspaper on how to manage stress and mental health during the time of COVID!