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Whether you are practicing online or in studio we are committed to creating a  safe space built on the pillars of community, accessibility and love. We’ve found that when we feel safe enough to share and shed then we can all heal and grow!

Community is a big part of what we do and we often ask “What if community is the basis for healing?” Living in the Islands, its all about community! Islanders check-in , share what they have and lean on each other to create a supportive eco-system. So here at the GY Studio we consider you family and that’s why we share our Island Wellness.

Meet The Gentle Yogi Sisters đź’•


 ERYT200, YACEP, M.A., L.L.B

Founder | Wellness Consultant | Reiki Master

Hi I’m Aleisha, a Trinidad and Tobago native, yoga teacher, serial entrepreneur and Attorney-at-Law. During Law School and even during my first years of practicing as an Attorney, I was a highly stressed over-achiever who needed balance! Taking vacations was just not working anymore!  So in 2015 I decided to take a trip of a lifetime and lived on an ashram for 30 days where I became a certified yoga teacher. In 2017 after a couple years of heading from court to the park to teach a donation based yoga class ;I decided to quit my high performance job and open the Gentle Yogi Studio;  the first dedicated yoga studio in East Trinidad and now of the Caribbean’s finest Online Studios.

My vision has always been to make yoga accessible and help others learn to be gentle with themselves and I truly believe the journey to healing should never be walked alone!

With the help of my community and my practice I’ve learnt that I can be both a Yogi AND an Attorney on my terms! The possibilities are endless and I’m no longer holding myself back.

When I’m not planning my next business venture, I love playing with my yorkie Christmas, eating my way through a new country and listening to soca everyday; true Island Wellness!



Co-Founder| Cancer Exercise Specialist® | Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider®| Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher®| Assoc. Member of London College of Osteopathy Canada | Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®

Asha is the Co-Founder of our flagship yoga studio and wellness company and has dedicated the last 6 years of her life to advanced study in the field of yoga therapy and cancer exercise. She is a Cancer Exercise Specialist (Advanced Qualification), Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist. She is also a certified mediator and has worked with persons who have sought the benefits of complementary care to manage chronic and persistent health challenges.

She found yoga at the age of 16 to cope with exam performance and chronic anxiety attacks and in 2017 pursued her yoga teacher certification. Her work has led her to work with anxiety sufferers, stroke patients, pre and post natal clients, persons suffering with chronic lifestyle diseases and cancer survivors.   Asha is currently pursuing her MBA in Hospital and Health Services Management. She hopes to one day be able to bridge the gap between yoga therapy and healthcare in Trinidad and Tobago. “My hope is that one day we see the enormous benefits to be gained from treating the emotional and spiritual self as much as we do the physical in the administration of proper healthcare.”

We continue to provide a safe space for healing working with persons of all levels of health and awareness with the aim of making yoga accessible to all in Trinidad and Tobago.

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