Reiki -5 Things You Need To Know For Your Session

Five things you need to know for your reiki session:-


  1. What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle non invasive form of energy healing. It is a Japanese energy healing tradition rediscovered by Dr Usui through his study of old Tibetan texts and its literal translation is (Rei) Universal Life and (Ki) Energy. According to Kripalu, Reiki addresses underlying energetic patterns to create wellness and reconnect you with your ability to heal yourself and others.


  1. How does Reiki work?

Think of reiki like a gentle energetic massage. Your reiki therapist can place their hands onto your body or hover their hands over you without touch. Reiki can even be done over long distances and virtually. For your reiki session you remain fully clothed and can advise your therapist whether you feel more comfortable with a hands on or hands off approach.


  1. What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki promotes healing, personal growth and has many applications.  It blends and supplements all healing methods and at the end of your session, you will feel completely relaxed. Libby Barnett, Reiki Master, describes Reiki as a complete system of healing which can help you release old emotional patterns and help you to tap into your own inner wisdom and awareness. Reiki can help you to cope with life’s pressures and gain clarity. It’s  a perfect  aid to help you create the life that you want.


  1. How Long does a session last? How Do I prepare

A reiki session can last from 15 -60 minutes and depends on your needs. To prepare for your session, you can dress comfortably, have a bottle of water for after of your session and you can advise your reiki therapist of your needs for the session ; whether you wish for self-care and stress relief or to focus on manifesting a dream.


  1. Who can become a Reiki practitioner?

Reiki is a practice that anyone can learn and it is simple and effective. Through the attunement ceremony you will become attuned to the reiki healing energy and can begin practicing reiki on yourself and on others.


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