How To Create a Yoga and Meditation Room at Home

It’s super important to make space for your practice…..literally. This rings true for whether you have just started a yoga journey or have been practicing for years.

One thing we always advise yoga beginners to do, is to create a yoga and meditation space at home.

The question they usually ask is, wellll, how do I decorate a yoga and meditation room?

We know that often times an entire room dedicated to yoga and meditation is quite unrealistic so we suggest that all you really need is a corner!

Here are our top tips :-

    1. Reserve a special portion of a room or an entire room to do your daily yoga practice. This special place should be free from clutter, clean and tidy and free from distractions and noise. Create your own little sanctuary.
    2. Store all of your yoga props i this space. This will be where your yoga mat, yoga blocks, yoga straps and bolsters should be.
    3. Fill your space with  any other relaxation item that you enjoy such as candles, a speaker for playing soft music and a journal!
    4. Try adding some nature to your space; fresh flowers or a plant will do well to improve your overall sense of wellbeing
    5. Keep a secondary source of light nearby so during relaxation or savasana, you can switch off your main overhead light source and still be comforted by a soft glow.

Having a set yoga and meditation space will also serve as a reminder to honour yourself, your practice  and daily commitment.

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